Security Mesh Grilles

Fitted externally, security mesh grilles provide excellent security for both doors and windows. Security mesh grilles are key to providing real security for both windows and doors. Glass can be broken out of sheer vandalism or to gain entry to a property, perforated mesh grilles address this problem.Mesh Security Grilles-4

Security mesh grilles are the first form of insurance approved window security conceived as an architectural product. They are able to transmit in excess of 60% of incidental light and provide a very good anti-vandal and security screen.

Having over 10 years experience within the commercial and domestic markets, they can manufacture security mesh grilles to your own design and more importantly specification.

If you already have security mesh grilles STS Contracts can design matching metalwork giving you a smart professional look. All security mesh grilles can be finished in a range of finishes including powder coated to provide a durable and colour co-ordinated finish.

All the security mesh grilles that STS Contracts design and manufacture are made to the highest quality and to your exact dimensions to ensure the most professional finish possible. STS Contracts Quality Assurance is your guarantee of workmanship and quality security mesh grilles. Click here to view a portfolio of security grilles available from STS Contracts.